Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Yankee Crawfish Boil

This past Memorial Day we went to the 6th annual Yankee Crawfish boil just north of Boston.  Hosted by some folks I know from my days in New Orleans, it's a nice reminder of our Nawlins days.  The timing couldn't have been more perfect.

My stepfather and 2 guys from his business (Dixon Pool and Spa in Burlington NC) came up to get our hot tub and bring it back to NC to sell.  They also took some of our heavier things to try to lighten the moving load so we are less likely to go over our weight limit (see more about that here).  It also happened that Vinny's mother was finishing up moving from her house as well since she closes this week, so they were able to help us with that as well.  BIG THANKS to them for all their help.

So we went to the crawfish boil as a way to allow them to have some fun and see Boston.  As usual, the boil was wonderful.  Bella loved checking out the live crawfish, she wasn't afraid of them at all and had no problem handling them.  Actually, I couldn't drag her away from the bucket she liked them so much.

There were some older teenagers who let her play table hockey with them, which I appreciated so much.  Her team was even winning!  Big compliments to their parents for raising them to be so accommodating with young children.

There was a man who played the accordion, and he was also great to the kids.

Bella decided to be a little star and perform for the ~100 guests:

I have the unfortunate dilemma that I am currently allergic to the sun due to the long winter we had here in New England, so I spent the crawfish boil in a hat hiding from the sun.  Bella now insists on taking her hat with her as well.  I'm hoping this means she'll start letting me put her in all the cute sundresses she has, even if we do have to stay out of the sun temporarily:

How was your Memorial Day Weekend?  Do anything fun?

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