Friday, May 6, 2011


I can't tell you how much Pippen loves his 'da bird' feather toy.  He used to make himself literally breathless he would play with it for so long.  And he finally chewed through the string itself.  It's easy enough to fix, we just haven't done it yet because he loves the feather by itself too.  Anyway, the title of the post sort of speaks to what is getting ready to happen here, I just thought it was too cute, especially with his little munchkin cat legs.  Yes, that's right, our cat plays fetch!

Vinny was sorting through some paperwork. (Yet another of those pre-move necessities that just takes time and energy that we often don't have at the end of a day)  Apparently he'd been doing the fetch thing for close to 30 minutes before I noticed and grabbed the camera.  Tenacious little guy, our Pippen.

What's your cat's favorite toy?

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