Monday, October 17, 2011

Real Montessori - Continent Folders

As part of our study of the continents (which includes our globe seen here and our continent puzzle seen here), I created photo folders.

There is a colored folder that corresponds to the color of each continent with a little shift.  There were no pink folders (which is the color for South America), so we went with a purple folder.  And we couldn't find a white folder (for Antarctica) so we went with a black folder.

Each folder contains color appropriate construction paper and a variety of pictures pertaining to that continent.  I tried to make sure I had photos of people, landmarks, money, music, animals and plants.  You can always find your own photos using google like I did.  I just thought I'd give you some types of things to think about.

The idea is to talk about each photo in the folder when your child shows an interest in it and then they paste the photo on the construction paper and make a scrapbook for each continent.  I got folders that had 3 hole brads so that I can turn the folders into little booklets easily.

So, without further ado, here is each of the folders.


North America


South America


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