Friday, October 14, 2011

Falling into Fall

Last weekend, we noticed that our elementary school, White Oak Elementary, was having a fall festival.  I have wonderful memories of fall festivals as a child, so I was thrilled to take Bella to one, especially one that benefited her future school.

They had a petting zoo, which is Bella's version of a million dollar jackpot.  A llama, an alpaca, goats, a sheep, a duck, a chicken, rabbits, a pot bellied pig wearing a tutu, and ponies.  These were the best behaved animals I could have hoped for.  Bella petted them, fed them, hugged them, and rode them.  Well, the ponies at least.

That's one seriously happy kid.  And how old does she look?  I think it's the shirt.  Which I L-O-V-E.  It's from gymboree.  The necklace is separate from the shirt and is knitted pearls, attached by buttons, but removable from the shirt itself.  It even has safety latches on the necklace so it isn't a chocking hazard.  Yes, please.

She also managed to win twice at a beanbag toss, rock the bounce house, and giggled like a maniac playing musical chairs (which was actually a cake walk but she didn't care).  The only thing missing from making it a mirror image of my childhood version was the fish I always caught every year that died before the next morning.  I'm ok with letting that one go.  Happy Fall!

What's your favorite fall activity?

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