Friday, September 16, 2011

It's a Small World

We're getting ready to learn about the continents in our homeschool classroom.  It is recommended to have a globe with the continents in different colors when starting this topic.  We bought a globe with the land and the water differentiated already.  Here it is in the classroom (or you can click here to see it on the site where we bought it):

The greenish-brown areas are rough to show land and the blue water areas are smooth.

Rather than buy a whole new globe, I decided it was easier more frugal to paint this one with the colors for each continent.  I did two light coats of paint (crayola paint that I had on hand for Bella to paint with) on each continent.  The colors aren't super bright, but you can definitely see the colors, and I like the muted effect.  You can also still feel the texture of each area, which is great.  But best of all, it didn't cost me anything to make the switcheroo to a continents globe.  Yay for free! (it's listed at $55 for a sandpaper continents globe, so I'm happy)


  1. Is that a Nienhuis globe, or another company? I buy a lot of materials from, but they don't have the globes. I really like how you transformed it based on which lesson you were on.

  2. It's from Alison's Montessori. I think the quality is pretty good and the prices are better than Nienhuis.