Monday, September 12, 2011

Real Montessori - The Purpose of Roots

We have been studying plants, working on a booklet about the parts of a plant, planting seeds in a root view container, checking out roots while planting flowers, and watering every flower we can find.  As part of our studies, we started an experiment about the purpose of roots.

The idea is to get a plant with white flowers, water it with food-colored water and watch the flowers turn colors. So I got a white phlox flower, we planted it and have been watering it with blue colored water for a little over a week now.



I should have known better to touch plants.  I have such a brown thumb.  Guess Bella will have to be content with pictures of what it should have been.  Good concept though, if you don't kill everything you touch. :)

Have you ever set out to do a nice science experiment with your kids (or by yourself) and have it go terribly wrong?

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  1. Ooops. I remember doing that experiment (without the dead flowers at the end) with cut white carnations.