Friday, September 23, 2011

Onslow County Partnership for Children

We have been hearing lots of good things about the Onslow County Partnership for Children, and we finally managed to get over there and check it out.  It was all we had hoped for and more.

There were two smaller areas at the front with books, costumes, doll houses, puzzles and games that you can play with there.

Then an arts and crafts area where you can do projects with your kids.

An area with die cut machines, and tools for parents and teachers.

And in the back, box after box of themed learning activities.  

You can go in and play for free and you can check out up to 8 items that have barcodes.  A book could be a single item, or one of the huge tupperware containers could be one item.  You are allowed to keep each item up to 30 days.  If you want access to the crafts, you can get an enhanced membership for $25 a year.  With that you can use everything in the center and you can check out up to 15 items instead of just 8.  There are additional fees if you want bulletin board paper, poster board, or laminating, but the die cuts and all craft supplies are included.  

I was thrilled to find some activity boxes that had to do with plants and seasons (which are our current focus) and a few fun things too, like alphabet circles for the floor, felt mats with things to arrange and rearrange, and a princess and the pea stacking game.  Anyone in the eastern NC area with kids or those who teach should really check it out.

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  1. Wow!! That's awesome!! I would LOVE to access to something like that!!