Friday, September 9, 2011

Beginning Ballet - My Little Girl is Dancing!

Ever since I found out we were having a girl, I've been dreaming about her beginning dance lessons.  I danced for 9 years and even though it was tough and I eventually stopped dancing because of family events, I'm so glad that I had those years and I'm thrilled to be giving Bella the same start.

Bella is going to Swansboro Dance Studio (here is their site) and I think the owner there has a beautiful outlook on how to teach dance to toddlers.  She lets them be kids and have fun, while at the same time laying essential foundations.
Getting comfortable in her surroundings with her buddy, Mady

actually listening!

her first plie

I was a bit wistful watching her dance for the first time and I'm so proud of her.  Because when Ms. Christy is using her full name because she isn't listening, I see myself in her.  And I find that the dance classes are teaching me as much or more than they are teaching her.  I remember to give her my patience.  I remember to giggle with her.  And twirl (and twirl and twirl and twirl).  And love life.

Also, funny side stories that I want to make sure and remember:

-at one point, when they were dancing, Bella bent over and touched her toes and Sarah, one of the other girls in the class, took the opportunity to smack her on the bum.  As I was riotously telling Sarah's mom about it, I found out that Sarah's dad has apparently been teaching her to smack people in the bum and say 'good job, buddy!'  My guess is they had a lot to discuss that night.

- the girls did a 4 step little routine at the end (which I somehow managed to miss videoing Bella doing) where they were supposed to run across the floor on a diagonal, run straight up the side of the room, stop, and then twirl at the end.  All the girls had trouble with the last step, but little Mady put a bit of extra attitude in her step 4.  You just have to see it:


  1. I'm reliving those sweet days when my little Jessi first started dance. We'd come home and practice so that you'd be better the next day. Such a perfectionist, you paid absolute attention to exactly how to perform and also made sure everyone else stayed on task - even if it meant walking over to them and pulling them into their correct place.

    Bella did a GREAT job twirling and paying attention! Can't wait for her first recital!