Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo - the plan

So the plan for 5/5 is to celebrate Cinco de Mayo by starting our foray into geography, with a little focus on Mexico and Mexican heritage.

So we first have to hit the whole, air/earth/water difference, then tackle talking about the globe, then we can talk about North America...with the plan to have a basic puzzle to do (gotta put that together tonight)...and then once we finally hone in on Mexico, it will probably be lunchtime.

So we can talk about Mexican food, by making fish tacos and having margaritas (non-alcoholic of course) for lunch.  And of course, no day celebrating Mexico would be complete without an afternoon siesta.

Then we'll take a look some videos of traditional dances in Mexico on the internet and maybe try a few out. (Maybe I can manage to get in a Zumba workout!) and then do the Mexican flag, which is red, white, and green.  Red we've done...but not white and green, so I get to introduce new colors too. is going to be a long day!

Wish us luck!  We might need an adult version of the margarita after she goes to bed! ;)

I'll try to post pics asap!

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