Monday, May 2, 2011

Overheard.5 - Playing with the burger

Over the weekend, Vinny and I were laying in bed, trying to ignore the fact that Bella was awake and jumping on us.  So I told her to go get a book and read, then we rolled over and went back to sleep.  At some point while going in and out of sleep, I heard her sitting on the foot of the bed "reading" the book she had picked.  And it was so cute, her describing every page.  A few minutes later when we finally gave up trying to sleep, I asked her to come read us the book.  This is a cute little book called A Cuddle for Little Duck, all about a little duckling's day.

And she was telling us about how the dragonfly was playing.  I wanted her to go a bit further, so I asked, "Who is the dragonfly playing with?"  Let me pause to say neither Vinny nor I was actually looking at the book, we were laying there with our eyes closed listening to her.  So when she responded "He's playing with the burger," my immediate response was "HUH?"  So I asked again, thinking I had just misheard her.  And again she said "He's playing with the burger."

"OK, Bella, give me that book and let me see what you're talking about"

Thanks for the laugh, kiddo!

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