Monday, July 11, 2011

Master bedroom

Moving on to the master bedroom now... (There is more to tour!  To see our classroom, click here.  To see our entryway, click here. To see our guest bedroom, click here)

Here's a shot of the downstairs master bedroom before we moved in:
And here is the same angle on 7/7/11 (a little later at night):

Nice and cozy feeling, right?

And again, a before from the other side of the room:

And a few shots from that side on 7/7/11:

We're still thinking that we'll paint that room a nice soft blue, but it already feels like home with just a few of our photos and our furniture.

OK, now a before shot of one of the 2 identical closets:

And now my closet and then Vinny's closet. 

It's official that I have too many shoes and formal dresses, and the shot of Vinny's really makes it sink in that he's in the military

Now a before of the big master jacuzzi (surrounded by crazy amounts of mirrors):

And now the tub with all of our blue glass around it...magnified by the mirrors:

I'm thinking we'll maybe use temporary tile decals to cover all that pink sometime soon.

And this is the supply shelves in the bathroom, which were an utter mess once I put all of our stuff on them.

So I added a tension rod with one of our extra curtains to cover it all up and give it some glam.

So that's where the current master suite sits now.  What do you think?

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  1. Very nice! I love that you have separate closets!