Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Beach on Base - Onslow Beach

My family and I decided to check out the beach on base on the 4th of July.  I had heard it was pretty good, so it's something I've been looking forward to for a while.

Camp Lejeune has something like 11 miles of beachfront, some of which is training area, but a lot of which is recreational area.  There are separate sides for officers and enlisted.  Lifeguards on duty, areas for fishing, a store with food and supplies, restrooms, showers, and cabins that you can rent beachfront.  I hear the vacation houses are really reasonable too, something like $30 a night.  Plus, you get to avoid the summer tourist traffic on Emerald Isle.

We drove 2 cars, so we had to get a visitors pass for my family's car.  License, registration, and insurance are required for that...which turned out to be a good thing because my stepdad was driving around with an insurance card that was out of date.  Got that fixed :)

Then we headed on down to the beach.  I got a kick out of these signs along the way.  Anywhere else this would be a joke:
Yeah, that's right...tank crossing!

Anyway, got to the beach, put up a tent so we had a shaded area, grabbed some food and ate lunch then I sat back and let her grandparents play with her on the beach.  She got whammed by a few waves but rather than being scared or deterred, she thought it was hilarious.  

Bella, Papa and I only stayed a few hours before Bella had a meltdown and needed to go back to some non-sandy surroundings to take a nap.  It was plenty for me.  We were there long enough for me to remember why I don't like the beach...sand sand and more sand.  UGH.  We're going to be doing sandy laundry for a while.  But Bella got her requisite summer trip to the beach, so I guess it was worthwhile.  Here she is 'jumping' some waves with her grandma.

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