Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bombs over Stella

Our home is situated about 30 minutes from 2 Marine bases.  The one to our north is primarily flight related and the one to our south, where Vinny works, is gigantic (over 100,000 acres) and includes and air station.  I thought with us living so far away we would be sort of insulated from all the military activity.  On the contrary, we're privy to flight exercises from both bases.  Resulting in this being a common sight:

And for some perspective on how far away these were:

They aren't always so far away though.  The day before, they did their turn basically in the back yard.  I was on the back porch and actually felt the wind from the helicopter blades.  Crazy!

The past few days, they've been doing some sort of bombing or artillery practice.  Sometimes it even makes the house shake.  Provides some pretty unique opportunities for sure.  So far, it hasn't been enough to bother us, just enough to be really interesting.

Have you ever been to an air show?  Have you seen the crazy airplanes with helicopter blades on the top?

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  1. oh my yes I remember having the house rattle when the sonic booms were going on! Although it's been many, many years since I was a military wife, there are definitely some things I miss about it. I can't say I miss the rattling windows exactly, but it definitely reminded me that I was part of that military family.