Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July Strawberries

In honor of the 4th of July, and a visit from my family, I decided to make some white chocolate strawberries, with blue sprinkles to make them red white and blue.  Like this:
First, there were no blue sprinkles at the grocery store...problem 1.  So then I decided that blue icing would work.  So I was going to do white chocolate dipped strawberries with blue icing stars.  So, step 1, wash the strawberries.  I know it's really important to get all the water off of whatever you're going to dip, because any water can cause the chocolate to seize up.  So I washed the strawberries and then let them drain on paper towels.  Then let them sit in the fridge on paper towels overnight and then I blotted them again before we got ready for action.

I figured the fondue pot would be a good way to keep the melted chocolate nice and stable at the right melting point.  So we washed our hands and got ready to pour the chocolate in the pot.  
Well, after we had a few test morsels

So we tried and tried...and the morsels didn't melt.  They just sort of, got brown.  Problem 2.

Bella got bored, which was ok with me because I was frustrated and frustration doesn't work well around toddlers.  So, I read the package directions, which recommended a minute in the microwave to melt them.  So I tried that.  After a minute, they still looked the same.  So I tried another minute...nothing.  Another minute...burnt.  Problem 3....ARRRRGGGGHHH!  

So I ended up with this instead:

I used the icing can to put the blue icing stars on the strawberries with the leftover white chocolate chips int he center.  When serving them to people, I plopped a chip on top of each star, which held it in place for them to eat it.  Yum Yum!  Problem solved.

Anyone have any ideas about what went wrong with the chocolate?


  1. If any of the chocolate got remotely most, lets say by a finger that had previously been licked and put back into the chocolate chips, the chocolate will seize and harden not allowing it to completely melt. This is due to the amount of fat found in chocolate, when it comes in contact with the water the molecules begin to stick together. Next time add some fat in the form of cream or vegetable oil. It will thin the chocolate out a little but it will still be usable. Sorry, I know I'm a food science nerd. However, I must say your strawberries still look pretty delicious to me!

  2. I make a lot of cake pops and they are dipped in either white or milk chocolate. I always just stick them in a bowl and microwave them for about 15-30 seconds at a time..stirring in between. They always melt perfect. Then, if the chocolate isn't runny enough for dipping, stir in a tablespoon or so of vegetable oil (like she says in the previous comment). I love the strawberries though....I'll have to try this out soon... :o)