Friday, July 8, 2011

House Tour - Foyer, Foya, Foi-yay

The tour continues to the foyer, fo-ya, foi-yay, or entryway...whichever you prefer.  To tour our classroom, click here, to tour our master bedroom, click here, to tour Bella's bedroom click here, to tour our guest bedroom, click here)
Here is the before shot from when we first came house hunting:

And here is the same shot on 7/7/11:

Not much that you can really fit in a foyer, but we've done what we can with it.  I'm hoping to paint all of our extraneous frames in a cream color and do a photo wall eventually.  Here's from the living room looking back.  

Hanging that flower bucket on the door was fun.  I'll be doing a post about that soon.  The buffet there is technically from the dining room.  The dining room was feeling crowded and so I tried it in the foyer.  It opened up the dining room and gave some class to the foyer.  But as you can see from the shot below, it's right across from the dining room, so it still feels like part of the room.

Here is a current close up of what's on top: a bowl of silver and white seashells and some photos that we can't put into the photo wall but that we l-o-v-e:

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  1. Looks like you are getting settled in nicely. Send us your address!