Monday, March 21, 2011

Why I love the Backyardigans 1 - I love being a princess

I think the Backyardigans is probably my favorite kids show of all time.  I just love their little songs and the cute things they say.  I finally got some for Bella and she's gotten really into them and imitates them quite a bit.  I wanted to share some of the uber-cute.

First the inspiration:

And now Bella's version...which morphs around 25 seconds into the hello, how are you song we do every morning to start our day, and then she gets distracted by the cat and the moment is lost - but you get the idea:

Of course she didn't want to do more than 1 line while I was videoing.  But we listened to her in bed last night for at least 30 minutes singing that one line over and over and over again.

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