Thursday, March 17, 2011

Audubon Society

Bella and I headed over to the Audubon society of Rhode Island today with our new friends, (mom) Melissa, (Bella's buddy) Mariella, and (baby brother) Daniel.  The Barrington library has a pass that lets in 2 adults and up to 4 kids, so we got to go totally F-R-E-E which, for me, spells YAY!  There was a neat dark room where you press the buttons to light up the different animals that come out at night, a area where you could look through bubble windows and see pheasants, a touch tank (though no one was there to let the kids actually touch anything), and a gigantic whale model (that might have been actual size) and the back side of it was cut open and you could see how big all the different internal organs were.  That last one was sort of disturbing actually.

It was a gorgeous day out (gorgeous for RI currently being in the upper 50's out and sunny) so we walked the trail down to the ocean (which is basically a boardwalk through the salt marsh) and back. Mariella was a great listener and stayed near us...Bella not so much. We basically chased her down there.  After I threatened to hold her hand the whole way back she finally started walking at least.

We managed to do pretty much nothing St. Patrick's day-ish today except wear green.  Oh well.  Good thing I celebrated last week!

What did you do for (the real) St. Patrick's day?

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