Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shaping the way we eat

Of late, Bella has become quite the picky eater. The doctor says our job is to just keep offering a wide variety of things and not to worry too much if she doesn't eat them. I need to be reminded of that every few days though. We've done the sneaky vegetables, carrots and sweet potatoes usually get past, or spinach pasta, things like that.  I was in the grocery store this week though and saw that goldfish (of the goldfish crackers brand) is now making goldfish shaped sandwich bread.  I wanted to get some flat wheat bread anyway, so it seemed like icing on top that it was fishy shaped.  This morning we had fishy shaped fruit pizza for breakfast, cream cheese and bananas on top.  Went over pretty well.  Thank you to the food companies for playing to my toddler!

I've seen trying themes of food to make meals fun (like all round food or food of all one color) as well as methods of presenting the food (like feeding in a muffin tray or eating on a picnic blanket instead of at the table).  Any tricks you have tried to get your picky eater to eat?

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