Saturday, March 12, 2011

Celebrating St. Paddy's Day I thought St. Patrick's day was this past Thursday, instead of next Thursday.  So I spent all day trying to teach Bella all about St. Patrick's day.  And I guess I'll just finish the leprechaun craft I was working on next week on the real  St. Patrick's Day.

I thought Bella might be a bit young to appreciate the traditional green beer, so instead I made her a leprechaun lunch.

(And yes she was still in pajama's at excuses, it just sometimes happens)

There was not one complaint about the funny color everything was...maybe because she helped turn it that color.

A side note about that: toddlers have a much longer reach than we parents give them credit for.  So, always a good idea to put the food coloring away in a very high cabinet once you're done, otherwise you end up with something like this:

which was accompanied by a healthy dose of blue on the walls and counters.  Luckily it came off almost everything.  If you clean it early, it's easier.  She was so proud of herself for getting the cap off too.  I couldn't really be mad at her.

OK, back to our too-early St. Paddy's day:

After nap we made fingerprint 4 leaf clovers and a rainbow and made some glitter coins for the leprechaun's pot o' gold.  Yay crafts!  Bigger YAY, vacuum cleaner for all the glitter!

Maybe next week we'll get to the cabbage and potatoes and the actual leprechaun!  And it will give me some time to figure out what the real story of St. Patrick's Day is so I can teach it to her.

What do you remember most about St. Patrick's Day?  Any fun activity suggestions?

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