Monday, March 14, 2011

Hurry Spring

I am so sick of the cold weather!  We finished up our firewood last week.  We went through a full 3 cords this year plus a little bit that was left over from last year.  And even though the heat is going, I just can't seem to get warm.  Today though, the sun is shining brightly and it feels like spring is on it's way.  We even have these little beauties in the front flower bed:

Pippen and Josie seem to be feeling it too.  I let Josie out to run around the backyard, and when I asked her to come inside, this is what she did:

Pippen also tried to follow her outdoors, but he's still getting over some crud so I'm not ready to let him explore there yet.  So he enjoyed the sunlight from inside:

What is the first thing you look for to tell you spring has really arrived?

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