Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Painting the Master Bedroom

Ever since we purchased our first home in Louisiana in 2003, in every house we've lived in, our bedroom has been painted blue.  So coming in to this house, we knew that we would want to paint the bedroom.  And you guessed  The color was Olympic's Blue Silk in a no-VOC eggshell finish.  It's from their palate called welcome and we're hoping to stick with that palate throughout the house to give it a nice cohesive feel.

This bedroom is the largest one we've had so far, so while I thought this would take a few days, it became a week long project.  I decided to tape off the room to give me some wiggle room in case I got lazy (which totally happened) or in case I just slipped (which also happened).  I decided to use frog tape instead of the standard blue painters tape.  It has a special chemical on it that forms an impenetrable bond so paint can't leak under the edge if you have it pressed down well.  I think it works better, so I used it.  That took me a few days because I was doing a little here and a little there.  I also removed all the switch plates and moved the furniture away from the walls.  So here are some before shots (you can also see pictures of the room without green tape and with the furniture in proper position in this post):

The room just barely held our furniture with it all in the center of the room.  So, once that happened, I felt the need to get it painted quickly.  We started on the wall with the bed on it first so we could move the bed back into place first.

That was night 1, and it took us about an hour and a half to do 2 coats on that big wall and remove the tape and clean up.  Big plus to the no-VOC paint, we were able to sleep in there that night without any trouble.  The paint dried really quickly, so we didn't have to wait between coats and the frog tape did a beautiful job.

The next night we did the walls behind the 2 dressers, mainly so we could get all the furniture back in place.  That was also when the first gallon of paint ran out.  That took about 2 hours, because I did some more edging to use up the last of the gallon.

We had to take a few days hiatus due to health problems, but Saturday I was back on my feet and I finished all the edging during the day (in between running through the sprinkler with Bella) while Vinny took care of Bella.  There are a TON of doors down the hallway and 2 coats on the edging took me about 3 hours to do.  I was pretty zonked by the end of it.  After Bella went to bed, Vinny came in and finished the rolling in about 30 minutes...both coats.  There really just wasn't much left because of how much edging there was.  We ended up  using a little less than half a gallon to finish it up, but I got a whole gallon because I anticipate using the color elsewhere in the house at some point.  You know, once my hand relaxes out of its 'bent around a paintbrush' position.

So, here are the afters!

I hope you like it.  We fell like this is the color the room should have always been.  ie: we LOVE it.  Subtle, soothing, and it brings the blue in from the water outside.

Have you noticed what we didn't do yet?

We didn't paint the wall that has all the windows and the door to the porch on it.

It's more noticeable at night that during the day, but for now I think I can live with it.  Here is the reason I didn't paint that wall:

While the windows are evenly spaced off the walls, that door isn't evenly spaced between the windows, presumably because of the space needs of the electrical stuff on the left side of the door.  I was concerned that painting that wall a contrasting color would draw attention to that off-centeredness that I'd prefer to forget.

I also still want to paint the molding on the corners in the almond paste color similar to the trim.  Ah how the to-do list grows!

So here is a before and after back to back:

And a little different angle:

What do you think?   Do you like the color?  Does that one white wall drive you bonkers?  Should I just paint the top section of the wall horizontally and ignore the little off-centered vertical pieces of wall or is it fine as is?

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