Monday, August 1, 2011

Fixing the broken molding (or is it moulding?)

One of the things I love about our new place is these great molding pieces on the corners around the house:

During the move, the movers knocked down the one in our master bedroom.  I finally got tired of looking at the damage and decided to fix it.

The first step was to get the molding back on the corner.  There was a metal piece there, so I used liquid nails.

I wiped down the corner and the molding with a wet cloth, both to knock away anything that was loose and to help the liquid nails adhere (it was suggested on the package).

Then I put a few blobs down the center of it along the length.  Surprisingly, liquid nails was not was more gel-like.  Blobish.

Then I stuck the molding back up.  I didn't have to measure or anything because there were chunks of plaster that came off with it, so I put it back up like a puzzle piece and leaned a small cabinet up against it to hold it into place until it set (about 2 hours...which was probably overkill)

I let it set for a few days.  Not just to let it set, but because I got hurt and couldn't finish immediately.  Then it was time to fix the surrounding plaster.

Most of the big spots took 2 coats to fill them in.  I used a spackling spatula and scooped it in.  Once it dried, I taped off the molding so I wouldnt get too much spackling on it and I filled in the rest.  It is better to overfill it than underfill.

Because once it dries you can take a small piece of fine grit sandpaper and sand down the excess.

It's a little messy:

Then the last step was to paint the newly fixed wall.  More of that to come!

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