Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Baby you can drive my car

Normally when we go visit my dad (who Bella calls Papadaddy) we usually go to his house and just hang out a little while at his house.  He is in a wheelchair and therefore can't travel much.  As a special treat for his birthday, we rented a wheelchair van and picked him up for a day out of the house.  He wanted to take Bella shopping, so we headed to Toys R Us and let Bella run wild. (scary thought, I know)  He was really set on getting her a Power Wheels vehicle of some sort.  Which is good, because when she saw them, she basically refused to leave.

We tried desperately to get her to love the mustang, but she was set on the jeep.  It had doors that opened and shut...therefore it was far superior in her eyes.  

 Then there was this gem, on sale at a whole 0 dollar discount!

Bella loved the jeep, even when it didn't move, so she was more excited when she learned what it did.

Unfortunately the concept of a steering wheel evades her still.  So I gave in and rode with her a little.  It was definitely not built for me.  But I rode down the REALLY steep hill on the side of the house with her.  Which was pretty scary but she loved it.  Finally we figured out that she was better off if we turned the steering wheel as far to the right as possible and let her ride around and around in little circles.

And a bit of short video for posterity's sake:

Have your kids gotten into the electric moving toys?  How long did it take yours to figure out a steering wheel?  Or peddles on a tricycle? Any tips?

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