Friday, August 26, 2011

Ice Ice Baby

Since it has been so hot this summer, we've been trying to do things to keep cool.  When the folks over at NAMC suggested working with ice, it sounded perfect.  So we got out 7 cubes of ice (enough to fit in the tray I had on hand) and headed out to the porch.

Bella started off trying to move the ice cubes with the tweezers, but that was pretty tough, even for me, so I suggested maybe she try some other ways of picking it up.  

So she tried a teaspoon, and a tablespoon and finally, her hands. Which was still fun, and helped us cool off.  We counted, we laughed at how slippery the ice was.  She giggled trying to fit the ice cubes into the tray right.

We also played around using a sponge for each segment of the tray too.  Which was nice because it worked in the fine motor skill of squeezing in order to ring the water out of each piece. Definitely an activity we're continuing to modify and use.  Soon, I'm hoping to make her a big block of ice with little objects inside that she can get to by chipping away with a hammer.

How are you keeping cool?


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