Wednesday, August 31, 2011


OK, so I've seen those shows where crazy coupon people have 500 tubes of toothpaste and buy all kinds of crazy stuff they'll never use.  I've been a little hesitant about stepping out into that world because I don't want to be that crazy person.  So I started getting a google reader feed from a site called southern savers (here's the link if you're interested) and I've been getting their feeds for a few weeks and the whole concept totally went over my head...until a few days ago.  I sat down and actually bothered to read their section called 'how to coupon.' (I know, reading how to do something is a crazy concept) 

You basically click on which grocery store you want to go to, click on the post for which week you want to shop, and look at the list of what is on sale that is a good deal and put a check next to each one.  Then you tell it to print a shopping list and you have a whole list of what to buy (and which coupons to use and where to find them too!).  You go to the store, get the stuff on the list, hand them your coupons...done!  I went to Lowe's Foods and spent around $86 and saved $79 doing that...and all on things that we usually buy anyway...YAY!

Warning: It's addictive

I was on cloud nine.  I had already planned on hitting the commissary on Friday and I had my coupons all ready there.  The drug store coupons still confused the heck out of me, so I avoided looking at those.  Then my friend Sabrina said she was going to go to Walgreens and she'd show me how it worked.  Which was good, because it was REALLY CONFUSING and I would have probably cried 3 times without her. (So, Sabrina, I love you)  We hit the Walgreens and and hour and half later and I had all of this:

OK, I know you're thinking that doesn't look like much, right?  Let me break it down for you:

I spent: $165.83
These products(before sales or coupons) cost: $434.47
Total Savings: 268.64

Holy Crap, right!?  There is a lot of expensive stuff in that pile like razors and medications.  And 90% of it is stuff we would have bought anyway, another 9% is stuff we would have bought, but likely the generic brand.  The only thing I bought that we don't use was a vitamin that made me $3 every time I bought it...yeah that's right...they paid me to take it out of the store.  So I'll find someone to give it to. 

I'm floating on cloud 9 tonight.  The reality check is this: I'm not doing this every week...not this much at least.  Because 3 containers of body wash is enough for me for a good while, even if it is a really good deal.  I'm not going to have more than 5 extra of anything in my basement.  I will not hoard. (I needed to remind myself) The same types of deals come around about every 6 weeks, so you only need to keep enough on hand for a 6 week cycle. 

Definitely fun though, and exhilarating.

Have you ever tried couponing?  What do you think of those crazy people who have to build extra garages to keep all their couponed crazyness? 

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  1. Welcome to our world. I've been doing this for a couple months now and we are stocked. Rolling ECBs and RR @ CVS and Walgreens I get a TON of stuff for free. Good luck and have fun ;) miss you guys. Oh, I'm applying for a job @ ECU. I'll call ya about it later.