Monday, June 6, 2011

Things we're looking forward to

Just so you don't think we're leaving Rhode Island sobbing about where our life is heading, we should counter those posts last week about what we'll miss with a post about what we're looking forward to.

1. Shorter Winters.  Including but not limited to: not snowblowing, and being warmer than 50 degrees in June
2. Being near my family.  I'm looking forward to Bella getting to know and learn from her Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Joseph, Pawpaw, Nanny, Papa, and all of our NC relatives
3. Living on the water in a bigger house!  This view says it all:
4. A chance to make new friends
5. Vinny having shorter work hours
6. The opportunity to experience being a military family and the pride that comes from knowing we're helping our country

We're so excited to begin this new chapter of our lives!

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