Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Moving Part 1 - The Pack Out

Apparently in the military, the lingo for packing is 'packing out.'  We got 2 packers, and they were scheduled to pack us for 3 days.  These guys were fast.  And I don't mean, wow they packed up ALL of our stuff in 3 days.  I mean...holy crap I can't even see their hands and they managed to finish in 2 days!  So I'm going to show you our total wreck.

I thought they would work together and I'd be able to sort of follow what they were doing.  I was also hoping that I'd have some time to work through some of our things I hadn't had time to do.  Instead, they worked in 2 different places, on different floors, both at lightning speed.  So I spent 2 days running up and down the stairs, trying to make sure they weren't packing stuff I didn't want packed (which totally didn't work), and that certain things got extra padding.

Not that extra padding was much of a problem.  I think each item that got wrapped was wrapped in 3 HUGE sheets of paper.  I'm even more glad now that people on the other side have to unpack everything.  And I understand why they won't transport matches too...the whole load is a massive combustion risk.

Huge irony on the first day: I took Bella in to daycare so she wouldn't be under our feet while we were packing and one of the packers showed up with his 4 year old daughter.  It would have been alright if she had stayed with him, but instead she followed me around all day.  And my mommy brain was checked I wasn't quite emotionally prepared for it.  The second day Bella was there too.  And the little girl refused to play with her.  So I spent more time that day interacting with Bella instead, which was way better.  I guess there really is something different about your own child.

Anyway, by the end of all the packing we were living in a city of boxes.  We're this is a problem.  I lost the dog more than once and the cat was in heaven.  I got up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water...forgot about the packing thing, and was in the middle of the dining room in the pitch black before I remembered that I was surrounded in boxes and my memory of how to get to the kitchen without running into stuff was completely useless.

(ugh, and how hideous is that paneling in the basement?  If we ever move back to this house, that so has to go!)

Luckily they moved our loading up a day so the boxes didn't stay long.  More on that soon.

Have you ever had a packing debacle?  I need people to commiserate with!

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