Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fishing with the Mirena

So without getting too graphic or anything, I'll simply say that I recently decided to get a Mirena IUD. Its a device to prevent pregnancy temporarily (though decently long term 5-7 years).  If you want to check out the website, here it is.

I went to the doctor just to discuss options/risks/etc. and she had a demonstration version of the device to show me what the procedure would be like.  Bella was, understandably, very interested in the whole thing and asked me what it was.  I'm not a parent to mince my words.  At the dentist, the suction tube is a suction tube, not Mr. Thirsty...and so when she asked, I told her it was a Mirena.  The doctor chimed in and said, 'Or a fishing pole!' because of the way the Mirena hangs by a string at the end.  So Bella got to go fishing with the Mirena...

For some reason this whole thing struck me as totally hilarious because it's another example of "Only in OUR family!"

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