Thursday, June 2, 2011

Things we'll miss about living in RI - Part 2, Friends and Family

We've made so many wonderful friends in our 4 years here in Rhode Island.  And being near Vinny's family has been great.  I don't want to wax philosophic too much, but I do want to pay a bit of homage to these people who have been such a huge part of our lives for the past 4 years.

We're a little over an hour from Vinny's family here, but being able to attend family functions, and being surrounded by their support has been very nice.  I've learned how to host a function properly, I've learned to relax and parent without hovering, and I know Bella is growing up knowing how many people love her.
So to the Champions, and the Varallos, and the Ippolitos, and the Biziers, and the Bolgers, and the Dudleys, and the Valentes, and the many family friends....thank you.  We will miss you and we hope you come to visit (just maybe not all at the same time).

We also have great friends, some whom we've known since day one, and some who we met just recently: The Gradys, the Clarks, the Glovers, the Adams, the Monaghans, the Alschulers, Dr. Everage, Mr. Ndumele, Mr. Koestler, Ms. will all be missed.

I'd say that, by far, our best friends in Rhode Island have been the Howells.  Perhaps an unlikely friendship, or rather a friendship that occurred in an unlikely place.  We met them in a class at the hospital about how to take care of your infant when we were both pregnant with our first children.  Then they turned up again in the class about breastfeeding and it seemed like maybe we should at least exchange contact info.  Three years later, Bella and their son Xander are still best buddies.  We have been on trips together, shared many meals, uncountable laughs, and the ups and downs of parenting.  We will miss you guys more than you could imagine.  And, as we have said before, you are required to keep in touch because it's obvious that Xander and Bella are destined to get married one day :)

Bella and Xander at 3 months

Bella and Xander at 3 years

They already look like an old married couple don't they?


  1. Xander won't be the only one tearing up when you guys leave.