Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Military move, the next step

With power of attorney in hand (along with pretty much everything from the safe: marriage license, social security cards, birth certificates, orders, and passports for good measure), I headed back down to the Naval Station at Newport today.  4 hours later and I've managed to check these things off my to-do list:

- I got a reserve spousal ID (still have to update them to active in a few months)
- I got myself and Bella set up as Vinny's dependents
- I updated Vinny's page 2 (still not exactly sure what it is, but it's updated)
- Bella and I went to a moving class and got that a step further along
- We got new lieutenant insignia for Vinny's uniforms
- We got vehicle decals for both my and Vinny's car

And we also managed to drop off donations at Savers and the Barrington library.  I'm looking for my super navy wife badge, but I've misplaced it. Now I'm planning on sitting on the couch for a bit and relaxing for a little bit before the dinner rush starts.

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