Monday, April 11, 2011

Bella's Beloved - Skippyjon Jones

Shortly after we got Pippen we discovered this little series about a siamese cat named skippyjon jones.  Basically, this cat thinks he is a chihuahua, not a cat because he has a big head and big ears.  Then he proceeds to get himself into all kinds of silly pretend situations where he saves the day.  We have 3 of the books pictured here.  

We don't have Mummy trouble.  And there are tons more in case grandparents are looking for good gifts (HINT HINT).  Bella just adores them.  And so far all of the ones we have gotten have come with a CD where the author reads the story.  Which is nice because there are a few places where he sings and it's awfully convenient and makes you look like super-mom (or dad) when you can sing the words properly.

Obviously, Pippen shares some resemblance to the main character, so we've been calling him Pippyjon jones, Mr. Fluffernutter, Mr. Kitten Britches, and a few other names Skippyjon gets called in the book.

What are your kids' favorite books?  Or what were your favorite books when you were a kid?

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  1. "That's Not My Dinosaur" has been very popular in our house. Xander likes look and find books like "Treasure Hunt for Boys". I hate that they made a book for boys and a book for girls, but he really enjoys it.