Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter 2011

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. Saturday we spent the morning running around doing errands and using coupons that were getting ready to expire. (I helped the easter bunny out at CVS and didn't pay a dime thanks to some rewards bucks) Those things always manage to expire before I get to use them, so I was very happy about that trip.  Then, while Vinny and Bella were napping I worked on my super secret project a little more.  It should be ready to reveal later this week, for good or bad. While a dozen eggs were boiling away for sacrifice to the dye cups, I put together the sweet potato casserole for Sunday lunch and Vinny and Bella ran around the house hiding and finding plastic eggs.  Then we all (nervously) plopped eggs into the dye and made Easter eggs.  I don't know what it is, but Easter just isn't Easter until you smell the vinegar.  Vinny took pictures so I'm actually in a photo for once!

Crazy enough, this moment wasn't posed

Sunday Bella woke up and got dressed (very grudgingly) in her Easter dress and went down to see what the Easter bunny brought

She was miserable in the dress and pleaded to get out so we switched her into a t-shirt and jeans (which are probably better for candy eating anyway.

Peeps, an Easter staple

Then Bella realized that there was chocolate inside the gold bunny.
Double fisting, the Easter edition
This was what happened when I told her she could only have a few bites then she needed to eat breakfast.

Then she found out we were having chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.

We had a great time with Vinny's side of the family for lunch Sunday and Bella had a ball playing with her cousins.  Monday, I made deviled eggs with the dozen dyed eggs.  Vinny proclaimed them eggcellent (HAR HAR) but said the ones that had more color to them were a bit twangy from the vinegar.  Overall, a very successful and fulfilling weekend!

I hope you had a great tradition filled Easter weekend as well!  What is your favorite Easter tradition?

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