Thursday, May 8, 2008


I realize I have not really defined the "wubbanub." It is definitely one of the best suggestions for baby items we have gotten. It is basically the soothie pacifier that the hospital uses attached to a little beanie animal. This little attachment is great when they're little because it weighs the pacifier down a little and keeps it from flying all over the place. And it's great when they're a little older because it's a bigger target to grab onto and get to their mouths.

So, we have quite a few of these. We started out with the red and yellow Dougie Doggie, so named because my friend Natalie, who is a social worker, says alliteration is good for kids' development. i have no idea why, but that's why he has his name. This is Dougie:

Then we decided we wanted to get something a bit more feminine, so we ordered the purple and green Frenchy Frog. Aka Francois le Frog, aka French Frog, but usually he just goes by Frenchy.

Dougie was relegated to being a traveling dog, so he now lives with the carseat. This is largely a result of his going out frquesntly in her first few weeks and being the victim of a dropping in the parking lot in the rain. So he knows the dark and dirty side of life. And we wanted to spare the Frenchys.

Yes that's right, plural...Frenchy's' After Dougie went down in the parking lot, and we had to wait (read "suffer") til he was washed and dried, we made sure we had a Frnechy on hand for all occasions. So we have 1 on each floor on the house, Uptown Frenchy (who hangs in his crib), Downtown Frenchy Brown (the main floor Frenchy), and basement Frenchy (who is a bit ghetto and occasionally tries to sneak upstairs). For a while I also had a working Frenchy, but he was kicked out of the building with Bella. Here is Uptown Frenchy, getting breakfast in bed with Bella:
I don't know how long it will be before we can wean her off these things. She doesn't really use them a TON, but they are completely invaluable in the middle of the night and when she's tired.

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