Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Since Bella has decided that sitting is no fun, everyone's arms have been getting a good workout. She's trying desperately to stand for about half the day. So we broke down and bought a jumparoo. A nifty little device that basically hangs your baby in a seat suspended by 3 bungee cords with toys surrounding them. The problem...even on its lowest setting, Bella is about 3 inches too short to reach the floor. So we put a box under her, and she bounces around to her heart's content. She's even started to make the seat spin so she can turn for a new set of toys. The total wonderment in her eyes is awesome when she makes herself move. Almost as cute as when she found her feet in the first place. Not so great is that one of the rattles drives to dogs to howl, and it isn't removable. I'm hoping they'll learn to love it.

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