Thursday, May 1, 2008

So, Nanny is here now

So, Nanny is here now. While this is lovely, she is mainly here because some nutjob at work decided that having Bella at work was interfering with their productivity, and rather than say that to me or the department chair, they went straight to human resources...who kicked Bella out of the building quite unceremoniously. And of course there is a HUGE waiting list at every daycare in the state, so I had few options about what to do. Not that I'm bitter.

So, Nanny is here now. Which is actually really great. Bella is getting to know her great-grandma, and so am I. I'm learning all kinds of things. We have taken to watching Dr. Phil in the afternoons, and I never know what new disfunctional information I'm going to learn!

So Nanny is here now. And I'm saving lots of money. It was cheaper to fly her up from North Carolina (even with the crazy price of gas), than it was to pay a sitter for a week. So, we now have in-home help, which I never thought I could afford. Most of them don't get paid in kisses and hugs.

So Nanny is here now. And things are so much more productive around the house. She doesn't usually cook, but she helps occasionally. And every once in a while she decides to do laundry, which keeps it from taking over the floor in the bedroom. And she washes the baby bottles after she uses them, which is more helpful than it sounds. I never knew how many peices baby bottles had! And she got the notion to help us plant flowers...well, plants at least, which I probably never would have managed by myself. So we've planted lettuce right outside of the kitchen, which will hopefully grow, so we can eat it. I'm trying hard not to kill it.

So Nanny is here now. But she's going home on Tuesday morning. She'll be back in a week and a half with Papa in tow. But I'm really going to miss her until then!

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  1. YOU'VE HAD HER LONG ENOUGH! MUST . . . HAVE . . . MY . . . MAMA . . . BACK . . . . . . . . . ARGHHHHHHHHH!