Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bella's Christening

This weekend was Bella's christening, which overall went very well. There was mass confusion when we started to sing the second verse of "Jesus Loves Me" because no one realized that "Jesus Loves Me" had a second verse, and also when we sang "Jesus Loves the Little Children", because there are so many different ways you can sing the order of colors, but great nonetheless. The pastor even got Bella's godparents to pay for her college education by sneaking that into the list of promises :) Somehow I think God might let them off the hook for that one though.

And the party afterward was awesome. The food was great. Chiazza gave us a full brunch instead of the lunch we had ordered and it was still less than we had anticipated price wise. Always a nice surprise!

Not so nice as a surprise, Bella had a MASSIVE diaper blowout at the beginning of the party. I've never actually watched a diaper overflow, especially not onto my lap, but I got the opportunity Sunday and it's an opportunity I would gladly have given up. So we had to run home and change. Luckily, we had already taken her out of her white christening gown, so no harm done.

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