Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas 2011

As I've mentioned previously, I had somewhat urgent surgery 3 days before Christmas.  Turns out my gallbladder was full of rocks and pretty unhappy.  We decided sooner was better than later since we had family in town for Christmas to help around the house and with Bella.  Surgery went great, they went in laproscopically and there have been no complications (woohoo!).  It did mean that I was a bit hopped up on painkillers Christmas morning though, so excuse the dark footage.  The video is a little over a minute.

In my haze I sort of forgot to pick the camera back up after I put it down, but the day itself was wonderful and I have lots of great photos in my personal memories.

The massive bookshelf dollhouse (aka doghouse according to Bella) was handmade (by Santa of course) thanks to some wonderful assistance from the Camp Lejeune woodshop.  The plans are from Ana White (here) with just a few tweaks like the molding around the windows and doors having some shape instead of being square, the fronts being rounded off and the roof having some fancy edges.  Both Santa and his her helper elf were really proud of the final project, though it definitely was a lot more difficult that the plans made it out to be.  The furniture and people are the very simple unpainted versions from Plan Toys.  Each room came separately so it fits her doghouse dollhouse great.  And once she is out of 'playing with dolls' phase, it will work well for books too.  We always love multi-function!

It has settled in our new playroom and gets lots of laughs and bursts of creativity.

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  1. If it's cool with you, we'll be bogarting that idea for Zoe in a few years...