Monday, January 9, 2012

Adventures of Elf the elf: Part 2

Wow, Christmas season really sped past this year.  Or, I guess I should say last year since it's already 2012.  That's what happens when you have urgent and unexpected surgery 3 days before Christmas.  I'll fill you in on that soon.  I wanted to make sure that I finished up telling you about Elf's adventures.

Day 15: Bella opened her first gift from us, a hot wheels wall racetrack.  After playing with it for a while, she went to bed, but Elf wanted to go for a ride too!

It made me laugh to see her sleeping away only inches from Elf being mischievous.

Day 16: Elf had some fun playing with the light bright. (it's a younger kid version, but I can't remember it's real name so it's always just been 'the light bright thingie')

Day 19: Elf turned our remaining milk Christmas green and seemed a bit too pleased with himself.

Day 20: One of our gifts from my family was a Neato automatic vacuum (that I totally LOVE).  Elf thought he was quite the cowboy so he apparently took it for a spin.

Day 21: Elf wasn't as good with the lasso as he thought and got himself in a bit of a bind.

Day 22: Elf talked to Santa and found out how many goodies Bella was going to get for her stocking so he measured her stocking to make sure it would hold it all.  He got a little stuck.
side note: the pink socks belong to Vinny's mom.  She was visiting for Christmas so these became her makeshift stocking.

Day 23: Elf attempted to go sledding in my shoe

Day 24: After the failed sledding attempt, Elf slid down the bannister.

Christmas day, Elf was gone, back to the North Pole.  He left Bella a note on her chalkboard saying 'see you next year' and 'Merry Christmas.'  I can't wait to see him next year.

A note for others expecting elf antics at their house: our elf made use of pipe cleaners several times since his arms weren't always long enough or strong enough to stay in place overnight.  Might want to have some on hand before your elf arrives next year!

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