Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Coffee Filter Wreath

I've seen lots of coffee filter wreaths. After making one with my grandmother with good results, I decided to make another for Bella's room.

This was such an inexpensive and easy project.  There is no need to buy a wreath form.  Just grab a box or piece of cardboard and cut out a donut in whatever size you like.

Then you simply crumple some coffee filters and glue them down to the cardboard.  The tighter you glue them, the more full your wreath will look.  You can dip the filters in colored water for all-over color.  I just wanted a hint of color, so I used some spray ink with a pink shimmer for mine.  It gives it a shimmery dusty rose look in person.  My cardboard circle was so small in the center that my wreath ended up looking like a big carnation, which was ok with me!

Have you ever used coffee filters to make an art project?

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