Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The number of toys in the crib

So, we can now tell how tired (or angry) Bella is by the toys in her crib. Every nap or at bedtime, she starts out with the following in her crib: a pillow, a blanket, a bear, a sheep, a monkey and a dog. If she's really tired, they all stay in. If she isn't ready to go to sleep, she starts throwing them out one by one. On a really bad day, she ends up in the crib by herself, everything else out on the floor. So, last night was a 3 stuffy night. The dog, monkey, and sheep didn't make the cut. Oddly enough, everything always gets thrown out in the same order: Dog, Monkey, Sheep, Bear, Pillow, Blanket. On another sleeping note...she has consolidated to 1 nap a day now and is spontaneously sleeping in an hour longer every morning, just in time for Mother's Day! YAY!

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