Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Not Much

What's going on...not much. I just realized I haven't really blogged at all this month.

Motion: Bella is sitting up on her own...trying to crawl, but not really going anywhere just yet. We have set her up a play area in the back room of the house so she has a safe zone to play in, aka my worry free zone.

Food: She's eating great and is pretty laid back about what she will and won't eat. Basically, she'll eat a few bites of anything, and there are just a few things that she tires of quickly. Foods that are on our menu right now: mango, pear, apple, banana, cantalope, peach, nectarine, plums prune, peas, green bean, carrot, sweet potato, squash, butternut squash, zucchini, avocado, yogurt, oatmeal, barley, rice, brown rice, and quinoa. I'm making almost all of her food, which is actually pretty fun. It's definitely cheaper, and it definitely tastes better. I don't do prunes, because they're a pain and just 4000 times easier to buy or green beans, for the same reason. I've noticed that all packaged baby food kind of has the same aftertaste (I check all of her food before she gets any), maybe it's the preservative stuff, but I think it's pretty gross, so I'm proud to make her food for her. And I'm able to make sure that what she's getting is organic, which is also nice.

Cognition: Bella has decided that faces are fun...to grab and pull. Same goes for hair. It was pretty cute and funny at first, but we're now working on "soft touches" and "rubbing" hair instead of pulling.

Play: She LOVES the stacking rings, and the O-Ball, and the plastic links, and the fisher price piano. Myla Monkey is pretty high on the smile list too. And splashing! Boy does Bella love water and splashing! Bath time is really fun now and she is going to miss all the pool parties once summer is over!

Social: Bella has a better social life than most party planners. Her best buddies are Kate and Owen Managhan, Aiden Brennan, and Xander Howell, whom she has fun playing with (or rather, playing in the same general vicinity as). She's so laid back. At day care, the older kids will push her or pull her hair and she just looks at them. She doesn't cry or get mad. Very easy going...she takes after Vinny there! She participated in a study at Brown University about language development in infants this morning where she got paid in playskool for sitting for 10 minutes and watching a video. Pretty good deal! Watch a video and get free toys! We're scheduled to do a photo shoot at Whole Foods in a few weeks for Happygreenbee organic clothing, which I'm looking forward to as well. That isn't though the modeling agency though, they just use regular kids for their catalogs.

I'll let you know when she makes the next big leap in development!

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