Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July in Vermont

We went up to Stowe, VT this weekend with a group of friends for a little 4th of July getaway and we had so much fun! A few highlights:

- We met TONS of people! There were 31 adults and 17 kids all under the same roof. A very large roof...

-Moose Crossing, Bear Crossing, and Deer Crossing. We didn't see any wildlife, but the signs alone were exciting!

-Marcus as a caterpillar...while it's funny enough to see a very tall man squished inside of a child's spring tunnel, it's even funnier to watch him use it to eat a baby. The few seconds after the video ends are really the funniest, trust me...

-Bella went swimming in the big pool! I thought it was freezing, so I was surprised she didn't cry when we put her in, but she was as happy as she could be, splashing about. And even more exciting, she tried watermelon for the first time. She didn't really eat it, just licked it, but she seemed to like it!
-We went on a walk. No, the car wasn't broken. We really just went on a walk voluntarily with some of the other dads. I was sore from head to toe the next day.

Then again, that could have just been the mattress. I never realized how addicted I was to the sleep number bed until I didn't have it anymore!

- We went sightseeing; Ben and Jerry's, Lake Champlain Chocolates, Vermont Teddy Bear Co., Cabot Cheese, Cold Harbor Cider Mill, Harpoon Brewery, Grandview Winery, Zeimke's glassblowing

- we learned to play "koob" and "horseballs." Koob, which I know I'm not spelling right, is a game where you throw wooden batons at wooden blocks. Hard to explain other than to say that it's a mixture of bowling, chess, and pool. Horseballs is where you throw two golf balls tethered together with a shoestring and try to get it to wrap around a post. Much like horseshoes...only with balls. Here is Oliver cheating at horseballs:

- we stopped on the way back and Bella got to meet her Great Auntie Peanut and Uncle Fran, who live in Windsor, VT

So, now we need a vacation from our vacation. 4 and half hours up and back in 3 days is a LOT! And we're leaving on Friday to go to North Carolina! On the plus side, Bella did great in the car. She took her usual naps and even seemed to be ok with the hours of immobility. I have a feeling this is going to be much more difficult once she is really mobile, but it works for now.

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